Be Negative And Stay Positive

‘Be Negative and Stay Positive’ is the best mantra we can use during this pandemic.

Taking best care in protecting oneself from the attack of the coronavirus and maintaining Covid test results negative should be the top priority during these tough times.  However, In spite of the best efforts put in, one may succumb to the virus even with a strict following of the safety protocols. In relation to the topic, keeping your mind positive should be paramount in taking good care of oneself.

Amid the covid outbreak, feeding your mind with information from the media on the unforeseen events leads you to fear, anxiety and depression. On the other hand, news of lakhs of people around the world successfully walking back to normal life after being infected with the virus hardly catches your attention. In fact, you spend much of your time focusing your thoughts on recollecting the faces of people who have had a lot to suffer. This fear built up in your mind is more critical than the virus. In reality, you need to be picky about the input going into your mind from the outside world. Because it affects your thinking, your mood, and your ability to be positive. You need to shift your mind from ‘I can’t because….’ to ‘How can I ….’ Be informed. Knowing what’s going on is important. Knowing what’s going on 24 hours a day from multiple sources will only serve to wear you down.

During this period of anxiety and fear, you need to engage in activities that make you feel good, pleasant, and fulfilling. Select a few activities that promote your physical and mental health as well. It is very important to maintain a daily routine. This will help your mind be focused and sharp. It also helps us to ‘normalize our day’. Keep in touch with your contacts. Social distancing should never lead to distancing ourselves from friends and families. Read a book, and engage in a craft. Listening to music, doing some online courses, etc improve your mental health. Going out for a while, enjoying nature, looking up at the trees, and stars, breathing some fresh air, and enjoying the beauty of the world we live in will certainly boost our outlook. This is 2022 and we have all the tools at our fingertips to keep in touch with our loved ones. Regular communication with our dear ones and sharing experiences is very important during these times.

We need to manage our expectations. Go easy on yourself. As you settle into this new rhythm of online studies and isolation, you need to be realistic about the goals you are setting. Focus on what we can influence, what we can change, and perhaps most importantly, what we can learn.

The human mind has a weakness- it attaches itself to sadness. ‘How can you always stay happy ?’ asked a student to his Guru. The Guru answered, “There is no secret behind it. The decision of whether I should be happy or sad is mine only. I always choose happiness as my option. In the midst of sorrows, somewhere I find a door of hope open to me. I get out of the door and start thinking carefully. Can I solve the problems and challenges facing me or not? If my mind says “Yes”, I will manage my happiness and solve the problems. If the answer is “NO”, I stop thinking about them and leave them. Then again, I will keep my mind happy”

As regards this pandemic too, let us not trouble ourselves thinking about what will happen to the world tomorrow.

Remember, this too shall pass and become history.

Keep believing in Staying Positive & Testing Negative

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