Gayathri Central School
The sanctum of Learning par Excellence
(Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi -930855)
South Monkuzhy, Pullikkanakku P.O, Kayamkulam)
Tel : 0479-2331398, 2339944, 9447454321

Website: www.gayathricentralschool.com E-mail: principalgayathri.cs@gmail.com

(Governed by Gayathri Educational and Charitable Trust, registered under Charitable Societies Registration Act with Register No. 107/2006 established in 2000.)

Gayathri Central School is managed by Gayathri Educational and Charitable Trust, which is a charitable organisation registered under charitable societies registration act with Reg. No. 107/06. Its aim is to mould an ideal society based on Indian culture and philosophy. The school aims at the all round development of the student.The aim of Gayathri Educational and Charitable Trust is not only to help pupils to achieve academic excellence but also to make them good citizens.


Had a humble beginning in November 2000 with nine PLAYSCHOOL students and only one teacher under the stewardship of the founder Chairman Mr. C. Shaji, Gayathri.Vidyamandir with nine tiny tots began to toddle down to the vast expanse of the world of letters in a one-roomed building surrounded by a small but nice children’s park.When these nine tiny tots were about to leave our precincts after completing their UKG stream, the school management was solicited and encouraged to start the next higher class, i.e., Std I by our grateful parents and caring well – wishers.Thus launched our Gayathri Central School in 2006 after the formation of Gayathri Educational and Charitable Trust with Register No. 107/2006.
The founding Chairman is Mr. C. Shaji


At A Glance

Gayathri Central School is a coveted centre of learning located in Kayamkulam. This is a Co-Education School and is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi . This is a privately owned funded and managed school belonging to Gayathri Educational and Charitable Trust. The Schools aims at not just academic Excellence but also at cultural, emotional & Spiritual empowerment of youth. Apart from the Central School, a Kinder Garten school is also being run on the campus.
The whole Curricular and Co-curricular activities are so designed to produce leaders with a holistic perspective who are practical in their approach with sound conceptual clarity and understanding of the present world. We never lose sight of the need to reinforce values such as fairplay, integrity and respect for dissent.
Situated in a small village called Pullikkanakku on the South Eastern side of Alappuzha Dist., Gayathri Central School provides the best ambience for nurturing and nourishing entrepreneurial spirit among the students. The faculty at Gayathri Central School strive to impart and nurture outstanding performance. Emphasis is on building strong leadership, attitude and ethical behavior so as to equip an individual to boldly face the challenges of the future.


Broader development of the complete personality of the student for which a student should be equipped with some blessings such as strong and secular ethics, a sense of integrity, uncompromising honesty, strong and sure understanding of the motherland’s rich culture and a Questioning mind that makes him/her competent enough to face the myriad challenges of the society.

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